💡 tetraxenonogold

A highly unusual compound of four xenon atoms bound to a gold atom.

tetraxenongold ball model

“Tetraxenonogold(II) is unusual in that it is a compound of the notoriously inert atoms xenon and gold. It is also unusual in that it uses xenon as a transition metal ligand, and in that it contains gold in the +2 oxidation state. It can be produced by reduction of AuF3 in the presence of fluoroantimonic acid (the strongest superacid) and xenon, and crystallised at low temperature.

It was the first description of a compound between a noble gas and a noble metal. It was first described in 2000 by Konrad Seppelt and Stefan Seidel.”

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💬 secrets, stories, logic and disco

The following quote from Disco Elysium (one of many notable examples) sounded vaguely familiar in its wording:

Secrets are the currency of human relations.

A quick search unearthed this strikingly similar one:

 “Stories are the currency of human relationships.”

— Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting (1997)

And of course, as is fitting for such a game, we have a possible inspiration from Karl Marx with his “Die Logik ist das Geld des Geistes”, or Logic is the money of the mind.”

So which is it then – secrets, stories, logic? Or disco?

💬 the four Gs

“Success in research needs four Gs: Glück, Geduld, Geschick, und Geld [luck, patience, skill, and money].”

— Paul Ehrlich

📎 nature soundmap

A group of professional nature recordists from around the globe have collaborated to develop Nature Soundmap, an enjoyable and interactive way of exploring the natural sounds of our planet. Combining high-quality field recordings with the latest satellite imagery, the project brings together some of nature’s most beautiful, interesting and inspiring sounds.